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This plugin adds the TinyMCE rich text editor (version 7 on Craft 5, version 6 on Craft 4) as a field type. The plugin carefully integrates TinyMCE with Craft, including default styling to make TinyMCE fit the look and feel of Craft, and adding buttons for inserting Craft assets and links to Craft entries.

TinyMCE configuration

TinyMCE configuration files can be stored in the config/tinymce directory, and then set on a field in the field's settings. Some starter configuration files are installed in this directory when installing the TinyMCE Field plugin. Those files can also be regenerated (optionally with some settings overridden) using console commands.

Plugin settings

TinyMCE Field includes plugin settings to control where TinyMCE is loaded from, and the use of TinyMCE's premium features. These are editable either in the TinyMCE Field plugin settings page in the Craft control panel, or in your Craft project's config/tinymce.php file.

Setting translations for TinyMCE

The TinyMCE Field plugin offers two ways of setting translations for TinyMCE — either using Craft's translations system, or TinyMCE language packs.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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April 7, 2024
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