Version 5.1.1

April 12, 2024


  • Fixed a bug in which the Blitz Diagnostic utility could throw an error when viewing tracked includes and when using Postgres (#653).
  • Fixed an edge-case bug in which cached includes were not being refreshed when expired in a multi-site setup using subfolders.

Version 5.1.0

April 10, 2024


  • Added tracked includes to the Blitz Diagnostics utility.


  • Fixed a bug in which cached includes were not being refreshed when a URL was provided.
  • Fixed an edge-case bug in which cached includes were not being refreshed when expired.

Version 5.0.0

April 7, 2024


  • Added compatibility with Craft 5.
  • Added suggesting the use of the eagerly() function to lazy-loaded element queries in the Blitz Hints utility.


  • The Blitz Hints utility is now powered by Sprig, no longer tracks route variable hints and no longer requires an external package.


  • Removed the craft.blitz.getTemplate() template variable. Use craft.blitz.includeCached() or craft.blitz.includeDynamic() instead.
  • Removed the craft.blitz.getUri() template variable. Use craft.blitz.fetchUri() instead.
  • Removed the blitz/templates/get controller action.
  • Removed the cacheElements config setting. Use trackElements instead.
  • Removed the cacheElementQueries config setting. Use trackElementQueries instead.
  • Removed the craft.blitz.options.cacheElements() template variable. Use craft.blitz.options.trackElements() instead.
  • Removed the craft.blitz.options.cacheElementQueries() template variable. Use craft.blitz.options.trackElementQueries() instead.
  • Removed the createGzipFiles setting.
  • Removed the createBrotliFiles setting.
  • Removed the BlitzVariable::CACHED_INCLUDE_ACTION constant. Use CacheRequestService::CACHED_INCLUDE_ACTION instead.
  • Removed the BlitzVariable::DYNAMIC_INCLUDE_ACTION constant. Use CacheRequestService::DYNAMIC_INCLUDE_ACTION instead.
  • Removed the ElementTypeHelper::LIVE_STATUSES constant.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::clearOnRefresh method. Use SettingsModel::shouldClearOnRefresh instead.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::expireOnRefresh method. Use SettingsModel::shouldExpireOnRefresh instead.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::generateOnRefresh method. Use SettingsModel::shouldGenerateOnRefresh instead.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::purgeAfterRefresh method. Use SettingsModel::shouldPurgeAfterRefresh instead.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::generatePageBasedOnQueryString method. Use SettingsModel::shouldGeneratePageBasedOnQueryString instead.
  • Removed the SettingsModel::purgeAssetImages method. Use SettingsModel::shouldPurgeAssetImages instead.