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Blitz provides intelligent static page caching for creating lightning-fast sites with Craft.

  • Blitz makes your site fly and feel light-weight and instantaneous to navigate.
  • Your site remains available even when performing updates and maintenance.
  • Your entire site can be served statically from a CDN such as Cloudflare or Netlify Edge.

Server response time

Be sure to read the Performance Testing Craft CMS with Blitz article for an eye-opening look at the impact of using Blitz.



Blitz makes your site fly. By serving cached pages, load times are reduced to the absolute minimum, making your site feel light-weight and instantaneous to navigate.


Because your site's pages are statically cached, the site remains available even when performing Craft updates and maintenance.

Cost Saving

Your web server no longer has to spin up PHP and render templates on each request. Statically cached pages can be served from a reverse proxy CDN such as Cloudflare or from a static host such as Netlify, meaning that you can deliver high performance sites using much more inexpensive servers.

Cache invalidation happens automatically in the background as content is edited, making for a seamless author experience. The plugin is a breeze to set up, very configurable and thoroughly tested.

Blitz comes with built in cache storage, cache warmers, reverse proxy purgers and deployers. Bring your own drivers for full control and customisation.

Below is a high-level overview of how Blitz works in its various configurations.


Visit and browse to see how fast a Blitz powered site really is.

Learn more and read the documentation at »

Plus $49/year after one year.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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