In short, Compress allows you to create Zip files from Asset queries. This means you can do some really cool things that would normally be very manual for your content editors. For example, you could quickly create bundles from a bunch of assets for a "resources" style page - or, you could have a link to download all of the brand assets for a company and all your content editor has to do is upload something to a volume.

Because Zipping up files can be hard work, Compress tries to be clever by doing its best to offload that work to a queue job in the control panel.


  • Generate "lazy links": will dispatch a queue job to generate archives, if a user clicks a link before the job is completed or started, the asset will be fetched on-demand and the queue job cancelled.
  • Compressed archives are stored as Assets themselves, so you may query them just like other assets.
  • Events for developers! You could easily automatically inject files into every compressed file if you wanted to (a license, maybe?)
  • Retrieve an asset query for the contents of an archive to show what files are contained in it
  • Automatically forces zip files to be regenerated when a dependent asset is deleted or updated in Craft.

Our goal at Venveo is always to write plugins that are as unintrusive as possible. This means we conform strictly to high-level functionality that Craft provides and our plugins are always written to be as low-maintenace as possible.

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin, copy the command above to your terminal.

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June 17, 2022
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